What We Are All About

Redefining High Performance

We provide building consulting services backed by a deep knowledge of energy and comfort, data analytics, and how to make systems perform optimally and pragmatically.


Purpose = People

Purpose is about being the change we wish to see in the world.

For us, this starts with building our community of friends, family, and clients to share our passion for a sustainable planet and to collaborate and learn from each other.


Passion = Energy

Passion brings energy and enthusiasm to the workplace! We believe our work is transformative and incredible!

Our passion is what ignites creativity and innovation to think past how we serve our customers today and dream of what may inspire them in the future.


Performance = Persistence

We see ourselves as a building transformation company. Buildings are dynamic environments, susceptible to constant change yet required to perform.

For us, this means performance is about persistence and moving towards resilient ideas, capable of maintaining a core purpose and value in the face of a changing future.


Lets crack some numbers

-19 Million Metric tons CO2e
Eliminated from Electrifying Heat
85 Million Metric tons CO2e
2050 California Target
482 Buildings
Net Zero Buildings (NBI, 2018)
-344 Million Metric tons CO2e

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