About Us

Red Car Analytics is an energy consulting and commissioning firm focused on creating high functioning, healthy environments for people and the planet. Located in the Northern Bay Area, the firm offers building advisory services, performance diagnostics, policy & research, commissioning, and energy modeling.


We are a mission-driven organization focused on redefining the narrative for high performance buildings. Our success is derived from our excitement and commitment to the work we do and the people with whom we work. We consider our key role as "client advocate" to help ensure a client's project objectives are achieved. We do this by asking insightful questions at project initiation to establish clear, actionable goals and performance requirements, and then filling knowledge and skills gaps that often exist in project teams. Our engineering philosophy, holistic understanding of buildings, and technical expertise give teams confidence to make better decisions and create buildings that improve people’s lives and are better for the planet.

The Red Car

We provide "bookend services" in building design by supplying energy modeling and analysis up front  and commissioning and validation of operations at the end.  Before the 1890's, the last car on every train was a caboose, usually painted red to match the engine at the front of the train. The purpose of the caboose was to provide the train crew with a shelter to sleep and an easy exit to handle switching or to inspect the train for problems such as shifting loads, broken or dragging equipment, overheated axle bearings and derailment threats. In the caboose, the engineer and crew kept records on the train's mechanical operations.

Like a train, we are the engine at the front and the caboose at the end, integrating building design with building operations.

We are the Red Car. We are data geeks, obsessed with energy efficiency and building science. We are focused on a larger mission of decarbonizing the built environment, working towards a carbon free planet.

The company was formed by three passionate people chasing their dreams to create a company focused on seeing real performance in building energy efficiency. Having worked together for years, the three partners decided to form a partnership built on the strengths of hard work and a love for the field of building consulting.

Our Vision

We envision a world where buildings are designed and built with decisions based on sound engineering, operational insights, and measured outcomes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage our clients in building and operating high performance buildings through clear analytics and insights of operations, measured data, and experience in design and construction integration.

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